Active Directory Password Reset 16.0

Lepide Active Directory Self service is the impeccable software that authorizes users to easily modify or update their account settings by themselves only without any involvement of administrators or helpdesk personnel. It also guides the users to perform self account unlock from any remote computer with the help of web- browser. It also empowers the employees to perform password reset operation for their co- workers from their own account. The LADSS is the one –stop solution that facilitates the users to authorize their co- workers for unlocking any locked account from any remote computer. This incredible software also allows the administrators to configure settings for automatically unlocking all locked account. In order to reset password active directory, you really need LADSS. GUI rebranding with SSL support feature are the newly integrated attributes into the ad self service tool (LADSS). In other words, you can say that performance of this tool has been enhanced by these new features.

The software is highly beneficial for the administrator to configure strong password reset active directory and account unlock policies which the users have to go through during account updating or password reset process. Apart from this, it keeps the administrators updated with latest information about the changes or modifications that have been made to the self service active directory. The self service password reset system saves a significant amount of time which further helps the administrator to effectively manage all AD tasks. Besides, it tremendously lowers down the cost involved in performing every routine AD tasks which truly benefits the organization. Build with interactive GUI and user friendly environment, LADSS is easy to install and execute all operations. Moreover, the software benefits the users by providing its free trial version for 50 end users.

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