Desktop Adviser 5.7

Desktop Adviser is an invisible and easy-to-use PC activity monitoring and surveillance software. Work speed and minimum technical requirements and user experience makes Desktop Adviser fastest and easiest software in Desktop Spy software class.

Desktop Adviser (Desktop Spy) is a surveillance software that takes screenshots of computer screen in stealth mode: recording all active and inactive applications, all the web sites browsed in Internet Exporer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape and others, chat conversations, E-mail activity, and everything what visible on the computer screen. Desktop Adviser very useful for parents who want to control their children activity in the Internet and for employers who are concerned about inappropriate use of the company’s PCs. Surveillance is very hard for employers and parents, but with help of Desktop Adviser it's became trivial task.

Desktop Adviser supported all screen resolutions and formats (4:3, 5:4, 16:10) and multimonitor systems. No matter have you widescreen or few monitors Desktop Adviser will capture anything without any problems. For efficient capturing and saving disk space you can select what exactly you need to capture: whole screen, active application or only defined windows.

Desktop Adviser can capture only active windows and can be easily installed into employee PC for work time controlling and employee activity monitoring. It's very easy to review what employee doing during work day. Just look to active application and you can easily define how much time was spent for work, for entertainment and how much time employee was away from keyboard... Recording of chat and email messages help to define is important information shown to concurrents, other employees or strange peoples. Don't forget that keyloggers may not work or may be detected by special software, but Desktop Spy software can't be detected anyway and it's only one reliable surveillance software.

Desktop Adviser have full support of DirectX and openGL and can capture images and video from games in full screen or windowed modes. This feature is absolutly popular in parental advisory and surveillance. You can set time to capture upto 10 minutes and after review a time spent for game and game violence level. You will see all what your child seen.

Desktop Adviser is password-protected, so if someone learns the hot keys, he or she will not be able to disable recording or modify any of Desktop Adviser settings.

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