Altova XMLSpy Enterprise Edition 2017r3sp1

Altova XMLSpy 2007 Enterprise Edition is the industry standard XML development environment for modeling, editing, transforming, and debugging XML-related technologies. In addition to the world’s leading XML editor, XMLSpy includes the original graphical XML Schema editor, enabling you to design otherwise complex schemas with ease. Advanced error handling and dynamic hyperlinking in its XML validator make correcting XML documents a breeze. XMLSpy Enterprise Edition features a built-in code generator that auto-generates Java, C++, or C# class files from data elements defined in schemas. It also includes a schema-aware XSLT processor, a step-by-step XSLT 1.0/2.0 debugger, and an XSLT profiler for tuning your transformations. An XPath 1.0/2.0 analyzer assists in writing XPath expressions. A schema-aware XQuery processor, an advanced XQuery debugger, and an XQuery profiler facilitate efficient querying of XML data. A revolutionary WSDL designer simplifies defining Web services operations through graphical editing, visualization, and validation. SOAP request/response handling and a SOAP debugger are also provided. XMLSpy supports all major databases: IBM DB2, MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, and others. You can connect to a database, generate an XML Schema from a database, import and export data based on database schemas, generate databases from XML Schemas, and query relational or XML data. XMLSpy Enterprise Edition even supports the new, default MS Office 2007 document format - Open XML. COM and Java APIs plus OLE and ActiveX controls let you access XMLSpy’s capabilities programmatically. Optional integration with MS Visual Studio .NET or Eclipse allows you to seamlessly access XMLSpy’s views and tools from within these popular IDEs. XMLSpy is the ultimate productivity enhancer for developers who need the latest XML, Web services, and database technologies. Become a markup mastermind! Try Altova XMLSpy 2007 Enterprise Edition free for 30 days.

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