Binary Boy 1.97

A Usenet newsreader with scheduler, threaded decoder, picture viewer, NZB and RAR support.. Automatically download using NZB files or browse newsgroups and select files manually. Easily download and automatically expand RAR files with 2 clicks. Launch external programs based on the downloaded filename. Automatically re-establishes broken connections. Browse pictures with the built-in viewer and delete unwanted images without leaving the program.

Keep your files organized by creating a folder for each newsgroup. The folder can automatically use the name of the newsgroup or you can manually assign each a name. Send related files, such as music from the same artist, to the same folder.

The built-in scheduler downloads files matching your search criteria and disconnects automatically after an optional time limit.

Compatible with any standard news server.

    Новые программы

  • QuiteRSS is an easy to use application designed to help you keep track of the latest news on your RSS feeds. It is quite fast and comfortable to user.
  • Программа для чтения ленты новостей формата RSS. Вы можете в настройках добавить любое количество RSS лент. Данная утилита в удобной компактной форме, виде "выпадающего" меню в системном лотке, покажет текущие актуальные новости.
  • Программа дает возможность искать, читать, отвечать, посылать новые сообщения с помощью очень удобного и простого интерфейс