SQL Data Examiner 2010 R2 4.1.0

Multi-Functional Data Management

SQL Data Examiner is more than a simple data comparison and synchronization tool. With SQL Data Examiner, you can:
Perform data migration across homogeneous and heterogeneous environments.
Verify data integrity after data migration and verify data replication success.
Restore missing or damaged data from MS SQL Server backup files. You can restore all data or any individual table, or just certain fields or rows. SQL Data Examiner works directly with backup files, saving you from the hassle of restoring the entire backup copy.
Cross-Platform Data Comparison and Synchronization

SQL Data Examiner works seamlessly with multiple database platforms, including all versions and editions of MS SQL Server (from 7 to 2012), SQL Azure Database, Oracle 10g and 11g, MS Access, MySQL 4.x and higher, performing homogeneous or performs cross-platform data synchronization and migration.
Use Data from Any Source

SQL Data Examiner can synchronize and compare data from any data source based on an OLE DB provider. This allows importing data from CSV and XLS files, as well as any type of files for which an OLE DB provider exists.
Synchronize and Migrate Data of Any Type

SQL Data Examiner can perform synchronization and migration of data between any databases regardless of their structure. The tool can successfully compare and synchronize data returned by SQL queries with data stored in ordinary tables. If only you can write a query to select certain data, you can compare and synchronize a database. Most importantly, the query can be either a source or a target, or the source and the target at the same time, in which case the tables referenced in that query are updated.
Scheduled Automatic Database Maintenance

SQL Data Examiner makes database deployment and maintenance a hands-free operation. With a command-line tool supplied with SQL Data Examiner, you can perform single-click database comparison, or schedule fully automatic comparison and synchronization of databases. Click here to learn more about scheduled synchronization. The command-line tool can perform all same tasks you can do in the GUI.
Advanced Reporting

SQL Data Examiner offers HTML and plain-text reports, highlighting any changes the comparison has discovered. With advanced, easy to read reports, you can quickly review the differences between the two databases. Exporting of the reports to XML format allows using third-party tools to analyze the comparison results.

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