ScreenHunter Pro 7.0

Advanced screen capture to get the highest quality images. Capturing long web pages, menu blocks and turn to a PDF maker. Newly designed image editor, profile, and more... Never lose what you see. It's the most exciting ScreenHunter yet.
New featurs in 6.0 Pro (vs. 5.0 Pro)
New User Interface
* Native Windows 7 support
* Profiles - You can save your settings to a profile that can be used by point and click

New & Enhanced Capture Features
* Fixed size and flexible rectangular capture
* Auto-scroll for long web pages
* Webcam capture
* Captions
* Border with drop shadow and more
* Specific window 'lock-in' capture even they are minimized
* DirectX and game screen capture
* Timed capture on program startup
* Translucent Zoombox
* Color effects
* Web image capture
* Scanning images
* New & Enhanced Filing and Printing Features

Multiple image file format saving
* Saving to a PDF file
* Automatic filenaming
* Creating new folders on the fly
* Wysiwyg printing

New Image Editor
* A combination of a bitmap image editor and vector object editor
* Bitmap editor supports cropping, resizing, flood fill with tolerance and pen/brush with opacity
* Advanced bitmap image processing features for any selection of the bitmap.
* Objects includes arrows, rectangles, round-rectangles, ellipses, speech bubbles, polygons, freehand lines, symbols and pictures.
* Add and edit text on any drawing object

Other New and Enhanced Features
* New ScreenZoom and ScreenDraw
You can enlarge your screen, draw directly on the screen on your presentation and take a screenshot.
* Screen-wide color picker
* One click to add to and remove from Windows starts up anytime.
* New color scheme for your ScreenHunter.

    Новые программы

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  • AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro provides comprehensive functions for making real-time screen recording along with sound, camera, etc. It also helps create screenshots with flexible modes.
  • AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder is an optimal solution for iOS users to connect iPhone/iPad to computer wirelessly and to record screen with ease.
  • AceThinker Screen Grabber Free provides you with both screencast and screenshot functions to quickly share you screen with others.
  • Как взять скриншот или screencast в один клик? Вам не придется использовать сложные программы, просто запустите это простое приложение для
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  • Screen Capture 4 - программа захвата игр, приложений и онлайн-видео. Записывайте видеозвонки, интернет-трансляции, победы в компьютерных играх, создавайте видеоуроки и загружайте их на Facebook или YouTube непосредственно из интерфейса программы.
  • Универсальная программа для захвата с экрана и редактирования видео. Записывайте компьютерные игры, ролики с YouTube, работу в программах и многое другое. Редактируйте свои записи: используйте монтаж, спецэффекты, добавляйте титры и музыку.
  • PCHand Screen Recorder is powerful yet easy-to-use screen record software to create video demonstration. You could not only record anything on screen, but also record the audio from PC or microphone.
  • Desktop Adviser is an invisible spy screen capture software that help you to control PC activity in your family or in your office.